Travito Referral Program

Earn $30 when you refer a friend to Travito!

As a customer of Travito, you're automatically given your very own referral link to share with others. When used, we give both you and the person you referred up to $30 account credit! There's no limit to the number of people you refer. You may never have to pay for your website again!

How it works

After you join Travito you'll find your unique referral link inside your My.Travito account area. When used, this code lets us know that someone signed up thanks to your recommendation.

We will then credit both your account and theirs with either $30 if they sign up to an annual subscription or $15 if they sign up to a monthly subscription.

We then automatically use that account credit to apply to your next Travito bill. This means that if you refer at least two people a month, you'll never need to pay anything for your website!

The (not so) small print...

  • Referrals that sign up for monthly billing will be credited to your account after they've been active for 3 month.
  • Referrals that sign up for annual billing will be credited to your account within a few days.
  • There is no limit to the number of people you may refer.
  • Referral credit can also be used towards our additional services such as custom web design, website auditing, SEO and more.

Do you own a Travel blog or website?

Travito also offers a generous affiliate program for non-customers. Click here for more information.

Annual Subscription Referral
Credit applied within a few days
Monthly Subscription Referral
Credit applied after the 3rd month of service