Using Travito

How do I customize my theme

To customize your websites theme, first visit the "Website Content" link in the top bar of your My.Travito account, then click the "Theme" item in the sub-menu.

You will be presented with a page showing your current selected theme at the top and all the other available themes below it. Within the "Active Theme" box, there is a "Customize" button which when clicked will take you to another page listing all the available customizable options.

On the left you will be able to see the label for the item along with a small description about where that color or image is used. If the option is an image, you will also see a preview of the current image set.

To the right of the screen, if the option is a customizable color, you will be shown a box with the currently selected color. Simply click it to choose your new color. Once you have made your choice, simply hit "Choose" on the popup.

If the customizable option is an image, you will be presented simply with two buttons to Change or Clear the Image. Clearing an image will remove it completely from the design. If you wish to swap the image, simply click the "Change Image" button to load up the familar Travito Photo Manager to upload and select the replacement image.

Once you are done changing your images and colors, simply hit "Save" at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Made a mistake?! No problem, on the left column, next to the label there is a "Reset to Default" link which will change the option back to the default value for the theme. Once pressed, don't forget to hit "Save" at the bottom of the page.

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