Vacation Rental Booking Manager

An easy to use booking management suite and availability calendar for short-term rentals.

Manage your short-term vacation rental bookings the easy way!

Travito's all-in-one suite of vacation rental services includes our intuitive booking manager.

Manage your enquiries and bookings from one central location, where you can keep track of payments, manage customer contact details and more.

Easy to use Short-Term Vacation Rental Website Booking Manager
Vacation Rental Availability Calendar and Booking Manager

Automated Vacation Rental Availability & Rates Calendar

When you add a new booking your website availability calendar automatically updates, covering both pending and confirmed bookings.

In addition, when you modify your rates table in Travito, your websites prices update to reflect this, recalculating your high and low rates to promote to customers.

This means you'll never have to manually update your site each time a booking comes in, or you wish to change your prices!

The quickest way to track your vacation rental bookings

Management of your bookings in Travito is simple. You can manage your customer details, dates they wish to book, how much they are paying, along with any notes about the booking.

You can then keep track of the payment and booking status, which automatically update on your main booking dashboard, making it easy to keep track of availability at a glance.

More features you'll find in our Booking Manager

Rate Management

Keep track of your base nightly rate and seasonal rates directly from within Travito.

Enquiry Conversion

Convert your website contact form enquiries to bookings with the click of a button.

Auto Website Population

Your Travito website will automatically update when a booking is added, or your rates change.

Why not take a look at a typical Vacation Rental Website

Click below to take a look at our demo website, which includes a working example of the availability calendar and rates table featured above.

View the demo site

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