Travito Updates: The Introduction

What a difference a year can make! I’m Mike, one of the founders of Travito along with Rick and a year ago, Travito was still just an idea on a whiteboard in Ricks office. In that time it has moved from the whiteboard to reality, a reality which includes, we believe, the best and easiest way to create and manage the website for your Vacation Rental.

We both have a background in the web industry, having worked at leading web agencies, however it wasn’t here that the idea of Travito was born. The idea started after seeing relatives create websites for their Vacation Rentals using other services and seeing that the results, while functional were slow, insecure and looked dated compared to modern standards.

After months of planning, designing and writing code we opened for business ready to start this whirlwind journey of providing you with a great looking website that is also easy to manage and update. We know not everyone is super technical but that doesn’t mean you can’t have, or should have to pay thousands for a great looking website that YOU can manage. We truly believe we have a great basis for allowing you to do this and we are back at that same whiteboard we were at a year ago making plans for 2019.

2019 is shaping up to be a great year for Travito with many new things to come, the first of which will allow those of you with multiple properties to easily manage different websites for each of your properties and seamlessly swap between which property you are editing, all from a single account on Travito!

New themes for you to choose from will also become available periodically throughout the year as we continue to give you great options to make sure the website for your Vacation Rental stands out above your competition.

Much, much more is planned and will be coming throughout the year but we will reveal more of that in future posts like this. We hope to release a “Travito Update” post at the beginning of every quarter so keep an eye out around April for the next update on what’s to come with Travito!

Travito is a vacation rental platform providing vacation rental owners with a beautiful website, and availability calendar, in addition to a range of booking tools.

Using Travito allows you to increase your online bookings and visability with ease, and with our free personal advice and support you'll be up and running in no time.

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