Essential content to increase traffic to your Vacation Rental Website

As the owner of a Vacation Rental property, one of the biggest challenges you face is getting people to find your property instead of someone else's. There are of course some really easy and obvious things you can do that give you an edge, for example just having your own website alone is a huge advantage.

But once you’ve got your website, how do you make sure people can actually find it? Sure, you can post about it on Twitter, Facebook and other places around the web, but that’s only half the battle won. When it comes to people being able to find your website independently, they rely on search engines like Google and Bing.

Both Google and Bing will ‘rank’ your website based on how good they think it is. They use a number of algorithms to determine the quality of your website, and if it matches what the user has searched for. So if your site content doesn’t meet their standards, then they simply won’t make your website very easy to find.

But fear not, because we’ve put together some great examples of content you should add to your website right now to help increase your visibility!

Tell people who you are

A page detailing a sincere description of who you are, and why you’re letting people stay in your home can do wonders. People are coming to your website because they want to rent a privately owned property and likely want to know about the family that owns it.

Allowing your potential customers to feel closer to you can help to ensure you not only get bookings, but you get repeat bookings from people who know they can rely on your property always being exactly what they want.

You can call this page ‘About us’, or to be even more personable, ‘About the owners’. It’s also worth writing about any local business, tourism or charity affiliations you have as this helps show integrity.

Information about the local area

This one is a no brainer, you should absolutely have at least 1 page all about the area. If your property is located close to popular attractions, write about these and provide details like how close you are, any perks to the property because of the proximity to attractions and so on.

We’ve seen some great results from our customer sites that have created multiple pages, one for each major attraction. Even adding pages for things like walking trails, local shops, annual events etc can have a huge impact on your traffic.

Detailed directions

The last thing someone going on vacation wants is to get lost along the way. That’s why we recommend you provide a detailed page showing how to get to your property. This can include routes to avoid and directions from major transport infrastructure such as airports, train stations, and cities.

Another great thing to place on your pages is a map showing the location of your property, especially if your property is in a more remote location. Having this visual display of your location along with any written directions will make finding your property a breeze.

We’ve made this even easier to accomplish by integrating Travito with Google Maps functionality so by simply entering the address of your property you can add a pin to a map which will automatically be displayed for your users to see.

Genuine feedback and reviews

If you’ve been given feedback and reviews from previous guests it never hurts to show them off. A guest testimonials page is the ideal place for this and lets potential customers see that others have had a great time at your property. Picking a select few testimonials and placing them on the homepage of your website can also make a great first impression to potential visitors.

An amazing introduction

First impressions are key with websites. 55% of people spend less than 15 seconds on a website before losing interest and leaving, so making your homepage stand out is critical to keeping people around.

One of the best ways to do this is with a clear heading and description detailing your property location, key features and why people should book. It helps to include a few photos as well.

Travito makes building your own website painless, with our easy to use Vacation Rental Website Builder and booking management tools you can get your own website online in minutes. The best part is that using the information you enter about your property, we’re able to automatically generate a range of stunning pages, so half the content battle is won!

Travito is a vacation rental platform providing vacation rental owners with a beautiful website, and availability calendar, in addition to a range of booking tools.

Using Travito allows you to increase your online bookings and visability with ease, and with our free personal advice and support you'll be up and running in no time.

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