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Essential content to increase traffic to your Vacation Rental Website

As the owner of a Vacation Rental property, one of the biggest challenges you face is getting people to find your property instead of someone else's. There are of course some really easy and obvious t...

Why your Vacation Rental needs its own website

The internet is a fantastic way of getting bookings, and with short term vacation rental listing sites such as HomeAway and Airbnb, it’s a no brainer to get your property in front of their large user...

Travito Updates: The Introduction

What a difference a year can make! I’m Mike, one of the founders of Travito along with Rick and a year ago, Travito was still just an idea on a whiteboard in Ricks office. In that time it has moved fr...

Travito Affiliate & Referral programs launched

We've recently launched our customer referral program, where existing customers can get up to $30 for every new customer they refer to Travito. We've also just opened our Travel Affiliate Program, wh...

13 tips to maximize your private vacation rental bookings

The global short-term rental market is projected to hit $170 billion in 2019, and making sure you get a piece of that can be tough when you’re a private vacation rental owner. So we’ve put together...

What's New: Aspen theme released

With the launch of Travito well and truly underway, we set about spending this month working on a new theme, which is designed to be highly customizable and versatile. We call it Aspen.

Introducing Travito

We're thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Travito, a new service for vacation rental owners, providing a complete website and booking management system. We built Travito to provide p...

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