Travito Travel Affiliate Partner Program

Earn recurring income by referring customers to Travito

The Travito affiliate program is a high paying affiliate platform for Travel website owners and bloggers, offering recurring revenue for every customer you refer to us, in addition to exclusive discounts you can offer on your website.

How it works

Our Affiliate program is ideal for travel bloggers and website owners. It allows you to offer a 15% discount to anyone who signs up using your link, and you then get 15% of every subscription bill they pay for 2 years!

So if someone signs up for our $300/year annual subscription, they get a $45 per year discount, and you'll earn $38.25 each year, giving you $76.50 for every customer referred to our annual plans! The same discount and affiliate rates also apply to our monthly subscriptions.

So just how much can you earn?

We pride ourselves on having one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the market, providing both great earning options for you, and discounts to customers.

If you were to refer 10 new customers every month, and each of those signed up for a monthly subscription you'd make $2987 in your first year. If you continued referring just 10 new people a month, by your second year you'll have made $11,490.

Our annual subscriptions, being more popular provide even better opportunities. If you were to refer the same amount of people to annual subscriptions, over their 2 year payments you'll earn $18,360 (based on a total of 240 customers over 2 years).

There's no catches, no funny business, just a genuinely decent partner program that benefits you, us and our customers.

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How it works
YOU GET15%Of each payment made for 2 years
THEY GET15%discount for life
Earnings Example
YOU GET$38/year, for the first 2 years

The (not so) small print...

  • Each customer who signs up using your affiliate link will be given a 15% discount for life.
  • You'll receive 15% of their subscription payments for 2 years.
  • There is no limit to the number of people you may refer.
  • Payments are made monthly, with a minimum payout of $100.
  • Special rates may be available for high volume partners.